Thursday, May 10, 2007

28 Hours later...

Just a quick reminder to you zombie-philes, tomorrow marks the release of 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later (not to be confused with 28 Days). Early returns are looking good, but you might want to avoid the reviews if you don't want to have to deal with any spoilers (always a pet peeve of mine in regards to movie reviews).

For those of you who are fans of zombie flicks (and yes, I know that technically 28 Days Later was not technically a zombie film, but it's as close a classification as you can get), rent the film tonight and watch it. This is what paved the way for the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead.

I have to admit, though, given the 28DsL's ending, I really had trouble figuring out how they were going to come up with a sequel, but it's sounding like the brain trust behind this was successful.

For those of you already on board with this - enjoy. Check the papers and the Internet tomorrow for local showings.

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