Sunday, May 13, 2007

For those of you who missed it

A good time was had by all.

If you missed it this year, the festival happens the Saturday before Mother's Day each year. Look for it next year. To see more photos, click here.


Mike said...

I was busy on Saturday so I missed the event but the good news is I have a batch of homebrew that should be ready for consumption this coming weekend. ;)

Anonymous said...

What's up with NO DANCING AREA? How do you give people some of the best beer around, 5 great bands and no place to dance? This fest was not as much fun as the years before. I sure hope that this isn't the new venue.

Kevin Smith said...

From talking with Phil Bowers, owner of Brewer's Alley, this is the venue they plan on using for the forseeable future. Unfortunately, the Fairgrounds presented some strategic issues from what he and Gary Brooks at Barley & Hops were telling me. This venue accomodates more people, has better parking, highway access and restroom facilities than the Fairgrounds.
I'm guessing that the Brewer's Association felt that was more important than the dancing.
I am more than happy, however, to pass the complaint onto my contacts at Maryland Brewers (I'm the Maryland Columnist for the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, so I talk to the state's brewers a couple of times per month) the next time I talk to them. They're usually pretty receptive to feedback in regards to events like this.