Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you wine...

This is shaping up as a busy weekend. A hop, skip and a jump east in Cockeysville, Maryland Wine is holding it's fifth annual Great Grapes festival. It runs from Noon until Six on both Saturday and Sunday and there's a lineup of musicians performing each day. I've heard good things about the festival.

On Sunday at Harry Grove is hosting the third annual Taste of Frederick. Went last year and had a blast.

Speaking of Harry Grove - The Counting Crows will be headlining a show there in August with an undercard of Live and Collective Soul for $51.50 per person. Not a terrible price to see three decent bands.

And, of course, this weekend is the annual Potomac River Family Festival and Great Brunswick River Race. It looks like there's a lot to choose from.

On Saturday I will be in Poolesville for a game against the North Carolina Tigers. From the Baltimore Washington Eagles home office...

Tigers will be at Eagles in Round 1 of the EAFL competition. As an added bonus, the Tigers will also take on the Philly Hawks in game two of the day.

Add to that a children's clinic that will be run between games and you have a full day of footy to take in. Please contact Chris Adams (christopher_ p_adams@hotmail. com) if you or your little one would like to participate. For more information on Chris' efforts with the USFooty Kids program, please see

We will be in picturesque Poolesville, MD for the day. The field is adjacent to the Capitol Polo Ground (where the Metro Grand Final was played last year). The map to the ground is below.

http://maps. ?v=2&sp=Point. qhgztk8jgg71_ Poolesville% 2C%20Maryland% 2C%20United% 20States_ __~Polygon. qhh40d8jgm8p_ qhgs6p8jgjbr_ qhgvxp8jg6h9_ qhh9q98jg81m_ qhh4xd8jgmp8_ qhh40d8jgm8p_ Footy%20Ground_ ___%230000FF_ %23008000_ 2pt_Single_ Solid_qhh1yz8jgg bw&encType= 1

The entrance to the ground, on the map is at the intersection of Hughes Road and Sugarland Road. We will have signs pointing your way as you come up along River Road from the Beltway.

The first game will start at noon. Kids clinic will begin between 1:30 and 2:00 and the Tigers/Hawks game will take place shortly there after or roughly 2:45pm.
Come on down and cheer us on if you're in the neighborhood.

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